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Witness to a Miracle

18th Century UFO

Consider for a moment this scenario: the time is during the 1700s and a jet airplane flies through the air as inhabitants of the era watch in awe and disbelief. The jet plane is flying because of an application of principles based on natural laws that have always existed. Today, witnessing such an event is commonplace. But to inhabitants of a time past who are unaware of these laws and principles, watching a plane fly through the air would be nothing short of a miraculous event.

Each day, we discover more and more about the world we live in. It only stands to reason there are principles and laws we have yet to comprehend; and an application of these principles would produce phenomena we would consider miraculous. Could it be possible, maybe even probable, that there are individuals living today who have an understanding of these natural laws? That perhaps not only to they understand these laws, they are able to apply principles in a manner that would astound us?

...A little reflection on what has been presented will show you that the Principle of Vibration underlies the wonderful phenomena of the power manifested by the masters and adepts who are able to apparently set aside the laws of nature. In reality they are simply using one law against another; one principle against others; and accomplish their results by changing the vibration of material objects or forms of energy. Thus they perform what are commonly called "miracles."

Sealed Except to the Open Mind

Below are stories from individuals who claim to have witnessed extraordinary events. These people have signed sworn affidavits attesting to some of their experiences. We do not ask you to believe or disbelieve what they say. As with all the information on this web site, we only present it here for your consideration.

Consider the Possibility

Bernie Aua

 · Bleeding Eye

Chris Persky

 · Kidney Stones No More

William Rounds

 · Twister

Janet Greco

 · I'm Dying
 · He's in my Neck

James Hilbert

 · Light from Above
 · The Sound

Donna Gray

 · Experiences...

Alfonso Greco

 · Wanting Proof
 · The Boys in Blue

Michael Hopkinson

 · Quite the Rush

Ron Zefferer

 · Killing of Michael

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