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Witness to a Miracle

William Carey Rounds

My name is William Carey Rounds. I was born on March 26, 1947, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is my most memorable experience with Amen Ra (Founder).

In the spring of 1976, I was working with Amen Ra at a printing shop by the name of Vanguard Graphics. Amen Ra mentioned Summum several times and had my interest. One evening (it was real dark and calm that night), both he and I went outside in the parking lot to talk about Summum. We went outside because we didn't want everybody in the building to hear what we were saying. Amen Ra told me the story of how he had been introduced to the forces of nature. He told me if I didn't believe it, it would be demonstrated to me. Amen Ra then went into the building and I remained outside for a moment.

All of a sudden a big, horrible wind came up and plastered me with these berries from a nearby row of pyracantha bushes. It was like a tornado hitting me with a million berries from head to toe. I went back into the building with a few of the berries still stuck to me. Most of them bounced off. I'll never forget that night. I can remember it pretty well.

William Carey Rounds
August 1986

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