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The Summum Sanctuary

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The Summum Sanctuary was completed in 1979. Because of its use in creating the Nectar Publications and because local and federal authorities refuse to acknowledge the creation and use of the nectars as a religious practice, Summum is forced to license the sanctuary as a winery and received its license back in 1980. A distinction we would gladly give up for our religious freedom, the Summum Sanctuary is the first federally bonded "winery" in the state of Utah. It was built with the intention of re-producing divine nectars whose recipe pre-dates that of the oldest wineries; nectars that in ancient times were referred to as "Nectar of the Gods."

Location and Public Attendance

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Our sanctuary is located at 707 Genesee Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. It is close to downtown Salt Lake City, nestled within the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. The public is welcome to attend philosophy classes held within the pyramid every Wednesday evening from 7:30pm - 8:30pm where we have a philosophy book reading. If you decide to attend, we ask that you arrive early so that we can begin promptly. For an introduction to Summum, we suggest you browse the pages on our website and read the Summum philosophy book.
[Ancient Nectar Makers]


Here at Summum, we take the creation of our nectars very seriously for it is a religion to us. Our nectars have been used world wide as a sacrament and in Meditation, as is the vintage, "Sexual Ecstasy."

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