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The Origins of God
Where did God come from?

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God."
-- John 1:1

Michaelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam'

1  "NOTHING AND POSSIBILITY come in and out of bond infinite times in a finite moment." -- Summum

The Hypotheses
of God


by Osho

2  Aeons ago, the material universe and everything within it exploded into being. The creation of the material universe is the single known paramount event from which all other known events precipitate. That it happened is obvious. Why it happened is the greatest mystery you have ever known. The enigma surrounding the cause of existence has forever captivated humankind's thought, and you search for the answer to this mystery in the questions, "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "How did the universe come into being?" "Where did God come from?"

3  The Grand Principle of Creation is presented here for your examination. It is the answer to the greatest mysteries which dwell within the thinking human mind. No record of this Principle may be found anywhere except within this book. With diligence and openness, study, learn, and apply the principles and techniques presented in this work. As you progress, you will gain an understanding and come to know the Grand Principle of Creation.

4  Before the material universe manifested there was NO THING. If there was NO THING (NOTHING), then it must have been possible for nothing to be. If it is possible for NO THING to be, then it must be possible for everything to be -- all matter, "space-time," all relativity -- all this must be possible. If there is All Possibility, then there must be the possibility of the NO THING (NOTHING). In the same fashion it must be possible for ALL THINGS to be (SUMMUM). Automatically, with no beginning and no end, do these Grand Opposites "come in and out of bond infinite times in a finite moment" -- therefore creating a series of infinite "EVENTS." These infinite EVENTS, held within the finite moment, display as infinite conceptualized energy released in an incredible, phenomenal explosion. This has been called the BIG BANG -- an EVENT.

5  A corollary to this Grand Principle is, "It is impossible for two things to join in harmony or discord without the presence of a third, for a 'BOND' must exist to unite them" -- the copulation generates SUMMUM. It is the BONDing of NOTHING and POSSIBILITY infinite times within this finite moment which is the birth of the cosmos and all subsequent EVENTS. "It takes the joining of TWO to make one -- SUMMUM."

6  Although your physicists and astronomers have determined the origin of the material universe, they are incapable of determining the MOMENT just prior to the BIG BANG. This cannot be examined by formulas, because formulas use the methodology of the material universe. Just prior to the EVENT, "space-time" and therefore "matter" did not exist, so it is impossible to make formulations based upon the non-reality of these systems. To be totally correct one would have to say there was no MOMENT just prior to the BIG BANG, for time did not exist. So when physicists try to examine the origin of the Creation, they must be confined to studying philosophical states, and they are not comfortable doing this at this time.

7  Physicists who deal in quantum mechanics state: "You cannot (objectively) observe something without changing it in the process." This statement is based upon what is termed the Uncertainty Principle, which means that when you observe one aspect of a thing (such as an electron), you are forever uncertain of any other aspects of that same thing.1 Consequently, they are restricted to using collections of probabilities in describing the motion of things. Further, they state that the existence of the collection of probabilities establishes what would happen if an observation occurred. (Note that the term PROBABILITIES is closely related to the term POSSIBILITIES). To the extent that the Uncertainty Principle is applied to the origin of the universe, you can readily understand the problem with the physicists' objective measurements (observations). No objective measurements are possible in solving this problem.

8  The Grand Principle of Creation embodies your SUBJECTIVE OBSERVATION of Creation Itself, in which the process of OBSERVATION between NOTHING and POSSIBILITY produces the EVENT of Creation. This condition, in which the two grand opposites are poised in opposition to one another, results in SUMMUM: the sum total of everything. When one state of being observes another, there is created an automatic connection between the two. It is this relationship between POSSIBILITY and NOTHING which generates this incredible EVENT. The EVENT includes all outward manifestations and appearances which you know under the terms of "the material universe," "the phenomena of life," "matter," "energy," "space-time," "distance," "speed," "relativity," and, in short, all that is apparent to your material senses.

9  SUMMUM, created by the copulation of NOTHING and POSSIBILITY, is SPIRIT, and may be considered and thought of as A UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND. This MIND is the effect of CREATION'S "copulation," manifesting the qualities of nothingness and (SUMMUM) possibility. From the copulation of CREATION emanates the seven Great Principles of Summum: PSYCHOKINESIS, CORRESPONDENCE, VIBRATION, OPPOSITION, RHYTHM, CAUSE AND EFFECT, and GENDER. These Principles are the NATURE of the Grand Copulation of CREATION.

 1. Despite the Uncertainty Principle's significant role in Quantum Mechanics, it can only be considered partially true due to the effect of paradox. The Divine Paradox which is discussed later in this work, reveals that all truths are only partially true and must be applied in the examination of anything. The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen thought experiment demonstrates the ability to know more information about a system than the Uncertainty Principle would allow, hence the infamous EPR paradox. The recent demonstration of teleportation through Entanglement which utilizes EPR beams to transport quantum states from one point to another exploits the restrictions of Uncertainty. Yet regardless of the methods scientists use to examine the universe, as long as they confine themselves to objective measurements (observation), the mystery of Creation will always remain elusive.

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